Why Shop brick & Mortar

Can you imagine a world with no boutiques or  storefronts? How hollow would that be, how empty would that feel? We are  living in a globalized world, there’s no doubt about it. But we still  believe in the importance of being present; the value of knowing where  you spend your money. Online shopping is a different experience and  certainly serves a purpose for some. However, we’re bringing all our  favourite small shops into one space so you can look, feel, touch, and  try on anything you want. Plus, we’ll be there to tell you all about  what you’re interested in and where it came from because like you,  everything has a story behind it. Here at Rock-A-Bear Baby Swag and Spa  we passionately believe that a world without brick and mortar shops  would be dismal. So, please know how eternally grateful we are for your  love and support in your decision to shop here!   

Xo Krys   

Rock-A-Bear Baby Swag & Spa

Rock-A-Bear Baby Swag & Spa

Parksville, Vancouver Island

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