How did this even happen?

Like most things in Krystal’s unpredictable life, Rock-A-Bear Baby Swag and Spa was born from a lightbulb idea that materialized into a reality within days. She was eight weeks postpartum and enjoying all the perks of motherhood – toting around RB, shamelessly baby-talking at all hours, eating whatever she wanted literally whenever she wanted, and having an excuse to shop for all that crazy, adorable baby stuff she had been buying for her friends over the years. But while shopping for all that crazy, adorable baby stuff Krystal realized she was buying most of it online – even though a lot of it was made locally.


She remembers looking over at her husband Jeff and saying, “I need to open a baby shop in town!” Knowing Krystal, Jeff just nodded and smiled. That night, she talked to her ever-so-clever mom who supported the idea in full and even suggested calling the shop Rock-A-Bear Baby. And that was the moment she knew it was happening. “Great, thanks a lot,” she told her mom. “Now I have to do it. That name is too perfect.”


The wheels were turning and Krystal could not stop her mind from exploring the endless possibilities. She needed to find a way to juggle motherhood with entrepreneurship and keep her regular in-home spa clients. Then it dawned on her – she was just going to make it all happen. She was going to open a mama-friendly day spa. Because, yes, women can have it all. It’s just a hell of a lot of work.


A few days later, Krystal and Jeff scouted out the perfect location in the heart of Parksville overlooking the ocean – exactly what they moved to the West Coast to see. It all seemed so fitting. Two months of renovations later and the store officially opened on July 2, 2015. Rock-A-Bear Baby Swag and Spa is a locally owned and operated boutique spa that is proud to support its neighbours by showcasing their amazing products. It’s a small shop that carries a bunch of other small shops inside it. The girls strongly believe in supporting entrepreneurs and mamapreneurs and giving back when they can. They donate to lots of local charities including Haven House. 

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